A 247 Business Answering Service Is Important For You And Your Clients

23 February 2020
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When you manage an office that falls within the scope of certain industries, then you may want to be sure you have a 24/7 business answering service taking your calls when the office is closed. This includes the evenings, the weekends, and on holidays or other days when no one will be in the office to pick the phone up. When you are working in a certain industry and your clients may have an emergency need, it is comforting to them knowing that they would be able to reach someone. Read More 

Business Phone Systems: Perks & Downfalls Of Voice Over Internet Protocol Systems (VoIP)

20 May 2019
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If you take a look at business phone systems these days and you may be a little confused about your options. Telecommunications systems have totally evolved, and these new systems are well worth considering adding to your business. One of the most common modern options is the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system. Take a look at the perks and downfalls of these systems to help you determine if this would be the best telecommunications solution for your business. Read More 

How VOIP Changes Business Performance For The Better

31 January 2018
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Voice Over IP (VOIP) is hardly a new technology and can be found in many parts of modern business, but the most potent features of VOIP are still highly optional. If your business is still operating on a standard telephone system with few or no features, here are a few ways that VOIP can enhance your business communications and general efficiency without paying premiums for each small service. What Is VOIP? VOIP technology is a way to send audio over computer systems. Read More 

Can Your Business Benefit From Hosted Servers?

30 October 2017
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Does your business run a website from an in-house server? Do you need a server and don't know whether to build one or buy a hosting service? Does your business need to provide files for employees abroad? All of these questions involve sharing network resources across the internet, and there is a lot that goes into making a server of any type available for more than a couple of users across the internet. Read More 

How To Decide If Fixing Your Iphone Is Worth It

11 September 2017
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Certain cell phones currently come with unbreakable screens. Unfortunately, other phones, such as iPhone, do not. When you need iPhone repair because you dropped the phone or crushed it, you may be asking yourself it if is worth it. Here is how to decide. Small Cracks Small cracks in the screen can be left as is. Sure, it does not make the phone look very pretty. However, as long as the touchscreen is fully functional and you can open and close apps and use your phone as a phone, it stands to reason that leaving the phone this way until you trade up for the next model is an acceptable option. Read More