Questions To Ask When Choosing A Call Center For Your Business

2 October 2015
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Here is a list of questions you will want to consider when choosing a call center: Do I need 24-hour call center service?  Do I need a weekend or holiday coverage of calls?  If your company is not involved in providing emergency services to the public, it may not be necessary to provide 24-hour, weekend or holiday coverage.  Do I need a call center that has "live" personnel or should I consider a lower cost  " Read More 

Maintaining An Efficient Network With Voice Service

21 May 2015
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Voice Over IP (VOIP) has made telecommunications much more powerful and convenient for many homes and businesses, but to be done efficiently you'll need the assistance of a skilled voice service technician. To understand the unique needs of voice services and how they pertain to your network performance. Why Does Network Performance Matter For VOIP? VOIP is the concept of converting spoken voice (or any sound) from real audio (analog) to digital format. Read More