Cabling Considerations for Your New Office Building

7 October 2016
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Constructing a new office building gives you the opportunity to customize your workspace to meet your company's unique needs. While many businesses are turning to wireless technology in order to engage in daily tasks, cabling should still play a critical role in your company's technological infrastructure. Here are three cabling considerations to make when planning for the construction of a new office building in the future. 1. Wireless Access Points Read More 

Traveling Outside The US With Your Mobile Phone? Six Options For Staying Connected

12 July 2016
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If you are leaving the United States and would like to use your own mobile phone (versus a rental that doesn't have all your data and cool apps), you may wonder what your options are. Here are six ways you can travel with your cell and stay in touch with whomever you need to contact. 1. Go wifi only. This is the cheapest option and may suffice if you only need to make calls from your hotel room or can wait to find a hotspot. Read More 

2 Benefits To Using A Conference Call For Your Business

23 May 2016
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If your employees or clients are wide-spread, trying to get everyone together to handle any kind of business can be very difficult. It can be a major undertaking and take a lot of finessing of schedules, but getting that information to people is important. There is a  much easier way to do it. That is to make a conference call. There are several benefits to using conference calls to contact everyone. Read More 

3 Tips For Taking Care Of Your iPhone

3 March 2016
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Whether you just bought a new iPhone for the first time, or you have been spending too much money replacing your iPhones more often than you would like, it's important to know how best to take care of your phone. By taking great care of your iPhone it will continue to work like new until you feel like upgrading or switching to a different model. Here are three tips for taking care of your iPhone: Read More 

Creating An Answering Service For Millenial Customers

1 January 2016
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Millennial are very self-reliant, so if your company has a larger-than-normal number of millennial customers, much of your customer service should focus on features that allow users to solve their own problems, such as providing online resources. However, there are several reasons for why a 24/7 answering service is still essential when working with millennials. When implementing an answering service, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind about millennials. Read More