How To Decide If Fixing Your Iphone Is Worth It

11 September 2017
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Certain cell phones currently come with unbreakable screens. Unfortunately, other phones, such as iPhone, do not. When you need iPhone repair because you dropped the phone or crushed it, you may be asking yourself it if is worth it. Here is how to decide.

Small Cracks

Small cracks in the screen can be left as is. Sure, it does not make the phone look very pretty. However, as long as the touchscreen is fully functional and you can open and close apps and use your phone as a phone, it stands to reason that leaving the phone this way until you trade up for the next model is an acceptable option.

Single Crack from Top to Bottom

A single crack from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen is not a huge deal either. It is only a problem if it prohibits you from using the phone and accessing important apps. Sometimes, a crack on the diagonal of the screen leaves you with a phone you can only voice-activate, and only if Siri is unaffected by the damage. If you cannot use the phone for anything whatsoever, and Siri does not respond to voice commands, you may have a glass crack that affects many of the important internal components.

Spiderweb Smash

No, "spiderweb smash" is not a new video game for your smartphone. It is the phrase that describes the pattern of smashed glass on your screen. It looks as though someone took a stiletto pump with a four-inch spiked heel and stomped on your phone, shattering the screen in fifty directions.

Some phones can still work, even with this awful amount of damage. Others are simply done for, and the phone either has to be traded in or repaired. If the phone is this bad, and it is not the current model, you may spend less trading it in for the newer model. If it is the newer model, and you do not have insurance on it, you will have to repair it, especially if you are tied down to a payment plan for the next two years.

Smartphone Repairs

Most places that offer smartphone repairs only offer screen and microphone repairs. If something else is wrong with your phone, you should contact the manufacturer to find a certified repair store. This particular phone manufacturer only certifies certain repair technicians at certain locations to handle iPhone repairs.